Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Since they won't let him on the debates...

The Voters Guide and more…

The following is especially important to TEXAS VOTERS.

I’m just mulling over the free market voters guide. It is or should be the staple document of all voters in Texas. It is legal to take into the voting booth, and via highly readable grid, a voter can quickly find where each candidate stands on all major issues that effect him or her in office. The information is gathered by way of a questionnaire sent out to ALL candidates. Their choice to fill it out is of course their own, and most of them do. If you do not know whom you can vote for, or what district you are in, can tell you. It is a great tool, for Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, anybody. I am sure, or at least hopeful that there are publications as this one in other states.
Some issues infringe on issues of personal freedom, others regard issues of your money, a personal freedom admittedly, but should, in my mind, remain separate for the sake of argument. Some issues regard foreign affairs. I urge you to look at the issues and decide what, you can stomach, what you think is tasty, and what looks like pure excrement.
When it comes to my decision I see it three ways. Is someone going to spend private citizen’s money? Is someone going to empower or increase the size and scope of government? Is someone going decrease my rights as a separate entity?


Make no mistake the Democratic Party and many Republicans feel that you can gain freedom via restriction. If you just read that phrase and didn’t understand it, you’re not dumb, you are a logical human being. Vote for freedom. If it seems weird that the federal government, under the constitution might have their hands in something, your suspicions are probably right.

With that I urge you to go to

I’ll close with a list of things that just do not make any sense for a government to have its hands in, in other words restrict…

-Abortion Ban (fed. has no power here, for or against)

-Sexual Orientation (a law banning workplace discrimination of sexual orientation, laws like this historically work in the reverse)

-Healthcare (once again there is no platform for the fed. To stand on in running such a system)

-School Choice (this is a right, a choice, it should not be restricted)

-Gun waiting (There is already a Federal background check, I’d like to see some numbers that would attest to the effectiveness of this, sounds to me like one more step to keep guns out of the hands of citizens)

-Government Childcare (we already have this, its called Juvenile hall, just kidding, but seriously, we already do this it’s called welfare, so in a way its like government child and whoever else lives with the child care)

-Marriage Amendment (I can’t say that if you changed the definition of marriage I would care, I would still think women were way hotter, and better for procreation, on a serious note there is no federal power here, nor would I say a state power really)

-Border Wall (It will be Berlin all over again. Also ever heard of the Texas Three? They are border patrol agents who are in the pen now, for trying to protect our border, the problem is interwoven in the country, not solved by walling it up. Plus seems to be a stretch for a federal issue.)

-Faith Based Initiative (It is a government grant or funding however you look at it to faith based organizations for charitable purposes. Regardless of to whom the money goes, Jew, Christian, or Atheist, its not right, the government is handing over YOUR money to charities, without your consent, tell me this doesn’t stink.)

-Illegal Immigration Citizenship (first off, it shouldn’t happen, but if you build that damn wall you are going to have to do this, it is a mess)



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Public lands

One issue that is very prevalent in my life is Public lands. And its something I am torn on. The libertarian in me knows that public anything is wrong and that all land should be private. Nobody knows the best way to manage land better than a private landowner. Letting politicians and bureaucratic organizations who have nothing at stake manage anything is, at best, inefficient, and at worst, dangerous.
BUT, at the same time I LOVE public lands. Thousands of square miles of beautiful country that I can explore, hunt on, hike on, camp on, shoot on, all right out my back door that I don't have to get permission to use and I can do nearly whatever I want on.
That doesn't mean there aren't rules, that just means "what I want" is within the confines of what little is actually allowed out there. In fact there are mountains of regulation governing public lands which, to me, takes away from the whole idea of them being public. Public would mean "owned by everyone". To me though, it feels more like "owned by the government but they kinda sorta let me use it".
But it's not just me and the other campers or hunters that want to use it. The thousands upon thousands of acres that the government owns but hardly uses contains vast amounts of mineral and petroleum resources, rangeland, and timber that everyone NEEDS. Well, to manage all of this land use, they put various federal and state bureaucracies in charge, most notably the Forest Service (USFS), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). These guys are going to get paid no matter what happens on the land so there's nothing in it for them whether or not it gets drilled, forested, mined, or grazed. In fact operations like these taking place on their land are going to make life harder for them so its easier just to cave in to environmentalist pressure and designate the land as a wilderness or study area and close it completely. No exploitation, no motorized access, no nothing. Public land is suddenly not so public . . . while we pay taxes out the anus to fund their fat paychecks for their (mis)management and get no resources out of the deal either. When they do grant access to industry, there are so many regulatory hoops that the companies have to jump through that costs get passed onto the consumer like higher prices at the pump, higher wood costs, higher food costs, and higher material costs. All to keep their land from getting "raped". We are the ones getting raped instead.
One thing nobody seems to think about is the fact that the people who use the land are the ones who care about it. It is their bread and butter. They have no motivation to destroy it, and actually have more motivation to manage it well.
THIS ARTICLE illustrates exactly what I am talking about. It is written by one of the Wyoming representatives in US Congress John Barasso. Reading it made me feel ecxtatic knowing that not only is there someone who feels the same way I have always felt about the issue, but that this person is in office, making descisions that directly affect me and the state I live in. I only found this article because I was doing research on who to vote for this election. We have heard all we need to know on Obama and McCain. Its the smaller offices that may affect us even more. Do your research, find out everything you can and give full support to the candidates you believe in.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Consider this...

How do you view government?

Do you view it as a dear friend, perhaps even given to a fatherly nature?


Do you view it as a wild beast on a chain? The beast keeping harm at bay, but the chain being equally important keeping the beast at bay.


The government bailouts haven't worked, nationally and globally, when will we admit Keynes wasn't right about somethings?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I cannot hold back anymore. I cannot take it. Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave. What is the matter with these idiots in Washington? Do they think we elected them because they knew better than us? they probably do, but no we didn't. We elected them because we assumed they would do as we wished. Is this not a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY? This is at least why I elect men and women to, congress, the House, and the Presidency. You spend and you spend and you spend and you don’t ask permission. Then guess what you spend again! Spend more and when you don’t have the money, well dang, I guess we have to print some more. I can’t take this anymore. I used to believe that maybe it was ok. I couldn’t figure why they did what they did. I couldn’t understand what the NUT HOUSE D.C. was, but I accepted it. “Heck Austin you’re only in High School, you’ll get it one day.” My imagined older version of me would say while rocking in a chair and smoking a particularly wise looking pipe. Well my imagined older version of me was naive. I was right to question it then. I am right to speak out against it now. These IDIOTS should not be reelected (if you voted for a small market champion and he/ she turned out to be an entitled aristocrat). These IDIOTS should have term limits! These silver spoon new money aristocrats will not leave their expense accounts on their own. Force them out! If Nancy Pelosi’s followers or should I say voters want to keep her? Fine. It’s democracy, they can choose their representative. They know she is a leftist. They know she’s a socialist. For those that elected people who promised they wouldn't spend your money without you knowing, I have a message, get rid off these fat slobs. You accidentally made them fat. Tell them to get out of D.C. Tell them instead to hangout out with Jared at Subway. McCain and Obama both have decided that health care is some birthright. They both exist in this dreamland of spend and spend and print some more and spend again. Obama, literally said in the second debate, he wouldn’t spend anymore money, then in the same sentence separated by a comma or a colon said that he would invest around 80 billion dollars in some piece of feces government program. HELLO, dear savior, that’s spending!!! You couldn’t tie your Florsheim’s in the morning without starting a government program to fund the action. McCain wants to buy mortgages. Number one, that’s already in order, go talk to Paulson. Secondly do you not have a clue what that does to our free market? It destroys it. The largest loaner in the American free market is now the government. That's treason.

With the preceding being my complaint, here is my resolve.

Don’t vote for idiots.
Don’t vote for either of these candidates.
Don’t listen to CNN, they are so far up the democratic parties rectum they can’t see the light of day.
Don’t listen to Pelosi, oh but she’s got such a good heart.
Check your state and national representatives voting records.
Don’t vote for names you don’t know.
Vote for people who actually like the constitution.
Vote libertarian -or- Write in Ron Paul.

Best Skit Ever...

I know the mainstream media is pretty far left, but comedy is based on truth. So in fact to be funny you have to be truthful.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I think its funny that in normal circumstances, the liberals and democrats, who fundimentally oppose big business and trickle down economics, seek to raise the taxes and otherwise stifle the corporations and the big investors, but in situations of impending economic doom, suddenly they are the loudest when it comes to the question of dumping tons of money into the big businesses. This just goes to show that they truly do understand economic principles, and they really do know that the corporations are what keep our economy running. They just choose to ignore that knowledge unless:

a) it will make them look good
b) they can use it to take more legislative control over people and markets
c) they have something to protect (like their own guilty corrupt deals)

All of these are the case this week.