Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Voters Guide and more…

The following is especially important to TEXAS VOTERS.

I’m just mulling over the free market voters guide. It is or should be the staple document of all voters in Texas. It is legal to take into the voting booth, and via highly readable grid, a voter can quickly find where each candidate stands on all major issues that effect him or her in office. The information is gathered by way of a questionnaire sent out to ALL candidates. Their choice to fill it out is of course their own, and most of them do. If you do not know whom you can vote for, or what district you are in, can tell you. It is a great tool, for Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, anybody. I am sure, or at least hopeful that there are publications as this one in other states.
Some issues infringe on issues of personal freedom, others regard issues of your money, a personal freedom admittedly, but should, in my mind, remain separate for the sake of argument. Some issues regard foreign affairs. I urge you to look at the issues and decide what, you can stomach, what you think is tasty, and what looks like pure excrement.
When it comes to my decision I see it three ways. Is someone going to spend private citizen’s money? Is someone going to empower or increase the size and scope of government? Is someone going decrease my rights as a separate entity?


Make no mistake the Democratic Party and many Republicans feel that you can gain freedom via restriction. If you just read that phrase and didn’t understand it, you’re not dumb, you are a logical human being. Vote for freedom. If it seems weird that the federal government, under the constitution might have their hands in something, your suspicions are probably right.

With that I urge you to go to

I’ll close with a list of things that just do not make any sense for a government to have its hands in, in other words restrict…

-Abortion Ban (fed. has no power here, for or against)

-Sexual Orientation (a law banning workplace discrimination of sexual orientation, laws like this historically work in the reverse)

-Healthcare (once again there is no platform for the fed. To stand on in running such a system)

-School Choice (this is a right, a choice, it should not be restricted)

-Gun waiting (There is already a Federal background check, I’d like to see some numbers that would attest to the effectiveness of this, sounds to me like one more step to keep guns out of the hands of citizens)

-Government Childcare (we already have this, its called Juvenile hall, just kidding, but seriously, we already do this it’s called welfare, so in a way its like government child and whoever else lives with the child care)

-Marriage Amendment (I can’t say that if you changed the definition of marriage I would care, I would still think women were way hotter, and better for procreation, on a serious note there is no federal power here, nor would I say a state power really)

-Border Wall (It will be Berlin all over again. Also ever heard of the Texas Three? They are border patrol agents who are in the pen now, for trying to protect our border, the problem is interwoven in the country, not solved by walling it up. Plus seems to be a stretch for a federal issue.)

-Faith Based Initiative (It is a government grant or funding however you look at it to faith based organizations for charitable purposes. Regardless of to whom the money goes, Jew, Christian, or Atheist, its not right, the government is handing over YOUR money to charities, without your consent, tell me this doesn’t stink.)

-Illegal Immigration Citizenship (first off, it shouldn’t happen, but if you build that damn wall you are going to have to do this, it is a mess)



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