Monday, November 3, 2008

Election eve...

It is 11:56 on November 3, 2008. I am just wondering now what kind of country we’ll have tomorrow. Either way my dream will not be realized, in this election by any real account. So the question remains what kind of country will we live in? What kind of country is The United States now? What will it be after January 14th 2009? All I ask is think before you vote. If you can vote for a man who cares nothing for the constitution, cares nothing for its current validity, its modern pertinence, then vote for Obama. He has stated its limited outdated irrelevance, and DO NOT BE MIS-INFORMED; he has not and will not recant those statements. He will in fact act on them. His problem with the Constitution: it protects you and me from him. His solution: alter and add to the Constitution to protect his power from you and me. He understands there is weight to the document and it is restrictive to his power. He will work to alter it. If you don’t mind living in a country where you power and rights can be changed at the whim of big brother, vote for Obama. His brand of socialism sets the government up as a Demi-god, a government who decides who prospers. I have heard the news media toss around that word socialism for the past two or three weeks. The obviously left wing media condemns those who use it. The right to center media mulls it over in speech and essay. I am here to tell you that socialism is antithetical (Obama likes to use this word) to the American way of life. Now I know we have been dabbling in socialism for years now. I HATE IT. On the eve of the election of 2008 I now see an all to horrific horizon.

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