Friday, November 21, 2008

so intersection camera's...

need to all be chopped down. A rash of tickets via these pieces of the big brother government have been handed out lately. This is 1984, this is Equilibrium, this is Fahrenheit 451.

Have you ever seen 2001 Space Odyssey? The man asking the computer to open the pod bay doors, that's how I feel every time I enter an intersection.

"Hal may I enter the intersection?"...I say as I approach to which I am answered in a calm robotic voice "I'm sorry, if you do that I will have to charge you a 75 dollar admittance fee."

Chop 'em down to an steel stump. Thats what i say.

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Lasting Values said...

Today's trend in america is to solve problems by making new laws. The idea of enforcing existing laws has all but died. I like intersection cameras. One of the few instances of enforcement these days. Not only that, but it is justice in it's most impartial forms. Police can discriminate. Cameras don't. It's perfect justice. You dooshbag.