Monday, December 1, 2008

A conversation with music76 from myspace

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From: MUSIC 76:Right Wing and Libertarian music!
Date: Nov 22, 2008 11:58 AM

So is politics talked about regularly in your music? Also where do you stand on the following issues?

National health care, abortion, gun ownership, the patriot act, immigration, and the Iraq War.

National Health care... government shouldn't spend a dime. Also the FDA should be cut down or abolished.

Abortion... There is nothing to support federal involvement in this issue. It should be a states issue. It is viewed as a moral issue, but on the federal level it isn't, it's a non-issue, it should have never been placed on the national stage. As for myself I am against abortion.


Immigration... I am against the proposed border wall. It makes no sense. The government and many citizens have failed to see that our border patrol could be completely proficient at securing our borders if they were allowed to do their job. A pack of Javelinas (wild pigs) can't make it across the border without sensors being tripped and someone knowing. The problem is what border patrol is allowed to do when they find illegals. Ever hear of thee Texas 3? This is my point in one, minute, case. You build some border wall its only going to trap in the existing illegal aliens. I have not yet made a decision on a particular view on anchor babies.

The Iraq War... Honestly I wasn't completely convinced it was the right idea to go in, but now that we are in we must be full bore till the finish. The idea of mixing political correctness with war is the greatest flaw of the American society. Rules of engagement should be left to mean "If you see the enemy dispose of him." The biggest drag on finishing the war cleanly is the left and the anti-war fanatics. Let's be real honest here, who isn't anti-war? Does anyone really wish to be engaged in the killing of another human being? No one does, at least if they are sane. So let's realize this anti-war stuff is all leftist propaganda set against the not the war itself, but against conservatives republicans and the right in general.

Politics in my music. As I already stated I talk about liberty, personal struggles, individuality, and pure unadulterated freedom. I may not mention proposition 8 in a song written two days before election, but the ends I pursue in analogy and allegory directly relate to the ends you appear to represent. These ends being....

-The constitution was written to protect us from the government, not the other way around.

-The more government does for you, the more you pay for it.

-the fatter government becomes, the more unhealthy it is.

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