Monday, December 22, 2008

Haven't posted in a while.

I've been thinking on something though. For those who hate capitalism, I can follow your thought process and possibly agree with you on a few points, but then I will eventually diverge and here is why. Consider some other methods of rule. You have monarchical, communism, pure socialism, dictatorial rule, and so on. All of these seem to point back to one flaw. You don't have a choice. A king, a committee, or a despot makes your decisions. Here in lies my argument for capitalistic society.

Do you hate Walmart? It's an evil corporation(also learn why you hate corporations, I know why you should, aand its not why most do), so as a being who hates capitalism, you probably do, and thats ok. Heres an idea, don't shop there! Don't go around complaining about how evil it is and then buy a sixer of the champagne of beers there. If you have any IQ at all I think you see where I am headed. The beauty of capitalism lies in your ability to negate anything. You can literally make your own way. It may not be as monetarily successful as Steve Jobs way or Terrell Owens way, but it is your own. Deal with it. A choice against participation is a wonderful thing. Consider any other form of societal governing. In each of the ones listed above you would have to employee a few thousand peasants with bolt action rifles to storm the Kremlin to change your way of life. In a capitalistic society, you just have to say "naw I think I'll do my own thing."

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