Monday, September 15, 2008

I originally posted this blog on another website, but I think it needs more discussion because frankly there was very little of it when first posted. Have at it.

Oh do I have a question. I must first say, I am on neither side of the argument; I am as Switzerland on this, due to the involvement of federal powers in this affair on both sides. I must pose my query now. If you are a liberal, vegan, vegetarian, leftist American this applies to you. Remember I only ask to understand. Without further ado, if you are a VEGAN or VEGETARIAN and do not believe in the killing of animals for the nourishment of humans, as it is morally reprehensible, how then can you be pro-choice in the favor of federal statute sanctioning women’s right to abort unwanted children? Moreover the practice of infanticide birthed infants aborted outside of the womb. I must remind you I am not a dark knight for the religious right, or a liberal devils advocate. I am posing a question to understand the logic of such thought.
In my mind I see many liberal vegan/ vegetarians who live the bumper sticker life of the liberal left. It seems a bit strange that they might support abortion/ infanticide, but have disgust for those who find it moral and ethical to eat meat. Maybe we should eat babies?
I happen to, like I proposed above, be out of this, argument and latest query, by way that I am neither Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice. I am Pro-Federalist (better known to the elementary confines of history in America as the Anti-Federalist, the party of Thomas Jefferson.) I believe it is not a question of morality; it is a question of constitutionality. You might think, oh Austin how dare you, well I dare, because to me government plays only the role of the federal uniter and protector of its states, which subscribe to it. The government shall protect the people and the constitution shall protect the people from the government. That is my soapbox, but I shall show restraint as I only bring it up to show my interest in the question.
So in conclusion what say you? No matter where you stand on this issue, let me hear your opinion or rhetoric as the case may be. I want to know in the most honest of tones.

Austin Sense

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