Tuesday, September 23, 2008


TAKING NATURE BACK: A Brief Rant on Humanity and Nature

I love how if you are a tree hugger or a hippie you can lay claim to nature. If you cannot detect the sarcasm in these words, I’ll help you, it’s there. The elite, the go green nation, has hijacked nature. They have pitted humanity versus nature by promoting humanity itself as nature’s mortal enemy. There is no greater place to be in understanding a human’s relationship with his world as with being swallowed by the enormity of nature. Nature is bright and gloomy soft and rigid. These contrasts promote feelings I cannot fully detail in black and white text.
I have seen dunes of sand taller than most buildings in my town. Inactive volcanoes in the southwest of the United States, snowcapped mountains, and lakes sequestered within these ranges. In these times I have never been closer to an understanding of what I am as a spiritual and physical being. In these instances I have known greater my God, and known more fully the foolishness of society.
The hippies and the tree huggers, I’ll share it with them as long as they let me have firewood, and meat to cook over this fire. I’ll let them have their alfalfa sprouts and organic produce that comes in plastic containers (try that one for an enigma). I will not allow humanity to be viewed as an enemy or separate from the lifeblood that supports it. I’d like to consult my bud Ted Nugent on this case, sadly I do not know him and I fear he doesn’t call me his bud.

Austin Sense

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