Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What happened to the free market????

Hey guys I stole my mothers credit card and went to Vegas. I maxed it out. I have no way of repaying it, so I’m sending a collection agency to your house, if you don’t take care of the bill I’ll have you sent to Huntsville, San Quentin, or a local prison in your area. This is essentially what the government said today. The government bailed out AIG today and made the mistakes of a corporation YOUR problem. Correct me if I am wrong, but one can go to jail for tax evasion, and that’s who the government is sending t your house to pick up the bill, the I.R.S. The abuse of the free market is flagrant and disgusting. The bailout by the government of the private sector undermines, the dollar, the market, and the freedom of the people. There is utterly no responsibility on the government, or the people who validate the government, to bail out these idiots who absolutely screwed up. I do not have a degree in economics, but I must say this, this reeks of socialism. This is ridiculous. What does this do to risk, as a corporation? If you are big enough there is none, and you can be as fraudulent as you wish. We have no advocate in D.C. to keep this from happening again (except Bob Barr who the media refuses to recognize, and all too recently Ron Paul), both major party candidates back this and it repulses me.

Obama says… “Its a stark reminder of the failures of crony capitalism and an economic philosophy that sees any regulation at all as unwise and unnecessary."

To: Obama From: Austin Sense, “Get a clue dingus, there is regulation and that’s what is screwing us right now.”

McCain says… “The government was forced to commit $85 billion", "These actions stem from failed regulation, reckless management and a casino culture on Wall Street that has crippled one of the most important companies in America.”

To: McCain From: Austin Sense, You’re a maverick?

I feel like these guys took a fall from the stupid tree and hit every branch down.

Both favor this collusion of federal government and big business. I have to hearken back to the days of yore on this one. Thomas Jefferson took issue over the creation of the National Bank on the same grounds. The government was a fallible entity and must not be allowed in the mingling of private commerce. Those who benefit from the market’s benefit know this is a terrible move. The market dropped today like it was tied to a one-ton fishing weight. The previous bailout encouraged a one-day boost and the next a significant drop.

Even the Father of American 20th century socialism, President Franklin D. Roosevelt opposed the idea of the F.D.I.C. as an insurance program would potentially encourage irresponsible bankers. We now have a government that falsely props up corporations. They deem them “too big to fail.” This is IDIOTIC! The idea of a free market allows for failure. Failure is why success is success. That sounded like a locker room speech by an over zealous football coach. It is true though. The risk is part in parcel of our system. That is why a market free of government intervention only succeeds when the business and consumer groups are honest. If they are not, the market strangles them. When the government acts as an executor of the market risk is diminished or even deleted. “Too big to fail” companies can and will, exploit, deceive, and lie.

I’m sorry sir or madams, when you say corporations are evil, you are flat out, (delete expletive), wrong. Government backed corporations are EVIL. They make for a tyrant beast that must be acted against.

I am disgusted with our Nanny government. I might as well live in a model socialist nation; at least they would not lie about their feelings toward the free market.

Vive la Consumer et Vive la Marche,

Austin Sense
Down with Tyranny! Down with the I.R.S!

PS. Feel free to hate on me for using French, like oh he hates freedom or some blah nonsense. Get over it.


Lasting Values said...

Don't forget that the banks and mortgage brokers are failing because of corruption and bad lawmaking, both of which the Democrats are deeply entrenched in on this mess. If an investigation were to take place on why the failures happened the prospect of another Democratic congress would be history. But of course the liberal media is too afraid of that, so we likely will never hear a thing about it.

THE RANK STRANGER said... read my mind