Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life Liberty and Mandatory Government Funded Happiness

It's 9/11. Sitting at the computer I do not know what I could type that would mean a thing concerning those events. So I'm just left speechless over the issue and maybe thats for the best...

Someone said to me once as I became a delegate to my state political convention “That’s so cool that you are a delegate, are they going to fly you to Austin, Texas for the convention?” To which I replied, “No, why would they?” This is what faith and human politics boil down to with me. In my faith and political view the ends are much different then the populous would suggest. I believe that no one has responsibility to my existence save myself and of course my creator. This holds true through my day to day. I wish for no one to pay for my food. In this I also wish no one to tax my food. Plain and simple there is much responsibility to being human. I do, within my means, and lend no responsibility to anyone for my existence or being. Yes it would be nice to have everything at my fingers, but I would never dream it at the cost of others. There is an attitude of entitlement in this country that has brought the mindset of happiness as an end. We are entitled to the equality of the race not the equality of the finish. We are not all entitled to billions of dollars and a Ferrari. The equality of the finish is ridiculous. The equality of the finish ends up, in this modern society as the equality of material goods. This is not true happiness. This is not natural law, nor is it practical or affordable. So called “classes” are a creation of man. Not of absolute truth and existence. We are not set into this world destined to fulfill a standard class or affiliation. I believe we are set here to do with what we can produce and what we are given dominion over. Material happiness is not a right. It never was, nor should it be.

Uncommon Sense

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