Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wyatt's Introduction

Alright, this blog, as Austin Death Death has already outlined, is for us to complain about politics, offer our personal insight, rally people to our cause of liberty, and probably be silly and ridiculous while doing it.

Both of us have been following the national and world events of our time and, being of higher than average education and intellect regarding politics, economics, and history, we are noticing and the fact that our freedoms are being torn down. Don't get me wrong though, we aren't overeducated elitists, or coffehouse intellectuals. We are regular Americans who love our families, love our friends, and love our guns, and our way of life. Most of all we love the ideas of liberty that this country were founded on, and we love what those ideas have built. But as we watch, those very principles are being taken away, leading us away from what is not only rightfully ours, but backwards, away from our supposedly guaranteed happiness, equality, wealth, and progress.

Despite the fact that most of our complaints will be at the government, our biggest enemy is not the government. Even now - when the size and scope of our governemnt has become completely blown out of porportion, and continues to inflate itself - the blame still rests in our own people. Our govnerning system is not so far gone yet that we no longer have the say; in fact anything that happens here is because we let it happen. And that is the most important principle in not only upholding liberty, but also in the fight for it: Responsibility.

People are getting lazier and lazier, and rather than take responsibility for themselves and the problems facing them, they give their problems - and thus responsibility and with it their freedoms - to someone else to take care of. That someone is generally the government.

I could go on forever about how the government is less efficient at solving problems, creates its own problems, corrupts, inflates, and wastes, and we'll probably be talking at lenght about those issues at later dates, but the point is, government is a problem, but its not THE problem. The people allowing this to happen are the problem. And these people are us, American citizens. So rather than take the fight for freedom directly against the governmen, we're taking it home, to the people all around us. The people with the power to do something about it. Thats why Austin and I started this blog.

And if you don't like it, you can JOG ON over to Canada. We won't miss you.

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